What you need:

  1. Fyuse App installed on your phone 
  2. Shibusa Turntable

Recording your product with Fyuse

  1. Open the Fyuse app and switch to the camera. 
    Note: If you're not an iPhone 6 or newer, skip to step 4.
  2. Tap the bottom left icon to cycle through the camera modes until you've reached "Object" (designated by the cube icon).
  3. Tap on your subject in the frame to place the Augmented Reality (AR) guide around them.
  4. Double tap on your subject to lock focus and exposure.
  5. Turn on the Turntable while Pressing and holding down the record button to begin.
  6. Release the button to end recording.
  7. Tap the preview thumbnail that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen to review the finished fyuse.