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Don’t worry, we know why you’re here.

You’ve got a product to sell or a project to show off and you need a simple, affordable way to create professional quality photography.

A tall task?

Not for the innovators at Shibusa Studio.

Photography Made Simple

That’s our promise to you.

And we carry it out by creating effective products for the non-professional photographer.

With our line of clean, sleek, minimalistic designs, we offer you the power to easily take professional quality shots without the stress of dealing with heavy, bulky equipment.

No clutter. No confusion. No headaches.

Your Success Is Our Future

Now simple is awesome, but great results are essential.

And the higher your sales, the better we look.

So we have a serious interest in our equipment letting you take the sort of VIVID, ATTENTION GRABBING PICTURES that sparks your prospects’ buying emotions – making them want what you’re offering right then and there.

Cost Effective

Because we’re a small business enterprise ourselves, we also know how important your budget and time is.

This inspired us to create equipment you can use over and over again that costs a FRACTION OF THE PRICE of hiring a professional photographer - all while saving you the hours and energy of having to locate and work with a total stranger.

Our Guarantee To You

At Shibusa we’re so confident you’ll love our products that we offer 100% Free Shipping for U.S. orders AND our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

This means that if there’s ANYTHING you’re not completely satisfied with, just let us know and we’ll issue you a full refund – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


We love to help. 

So if there’s anything you’d like more information on, please reach out to us through our CONTACT PAGE and we’ll be happy to assist you.