Why should you consider 360 photography

Why should you consider 360 photography

 Shibusa 360° Turntable

Did you know 360 product photography is one of the hottest trends in online merchandising? Yes, it is on the hot spot because this type of photography allows you to create a “360 view” of a product at every possible angle.

Before, when you do 360 product photography, you need a large-up investment. But, today, you can do 360 product photography in less than a thousand dollars. Thinking on how to boost your sales but want to invest less? I'll share with you the top reasons why you should consider 360 photography.

1. opportunity to stand out

360 views can show your products perfectly and and extremely effective in providing realistic images. It is always a great way to show yourself to potential customers beyond doubt.

2. customer satisfaction

One of your priority is your customer and the key to a beautiful seller-customer relationship is providing them what they crave for. Offering 360 will help you establish an increased level of trust and incredible experience to your customers.

3. reduce product returns

360 product images allow the customers to view every detail and angle of your product. Therefore they are less likely to purchase the wrong thing and return it at a later date.

Now, will you consider 360 photography on your business? Don’t be left behind, start 360 product photography and reap the benefits what your consumers want and expect from you.

Give them the most realistic and detailed photos as possible with Shibusa 360° Turntable. If you are interested in a tried, tested and affordable set up, consider the Shibusa Pro Studio Set


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