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Nifty White Backdrop Ideas

Nifty White Backdrop Ideas

A backdrop is not just a background, but it is one of the few important thing that matters other than your subject. It brings out the best and highlights your subject.

With a little effort and creativity, you will have a simple, inexpensive, and pleasing backdrops. Let me share with you some nifty tips to create a flattering background for your products. 

Seamless White Paper

Image source:©picx.com via Google

With a wide variety of colors, still, white is the go-to backdrop choice for many photographers. Seamless White Paper will create a clean background that does not cast shadows, budget-friendly, and one of the best way to emphasize your product.

Foam Boards

Image source:©deliacreates.com via Google

One of the cheapest alternative to expensive photo gear is the foam boards. Very light weight and easily cut material so you can bring it wherever based on where your light source is. It monitor photographic prints and provide crisp white backgrounds for your photos. 


Image source:©titanichome.com via Google

If you don't have a backdrop, you can always use an existing wall at home or everywhere. It is the quickest and simplest solution. Neutral colored walls or lightly-colored walls are the best choice because it will allow your products to stand out and it will emphasize the colors and textures. 

Showing off your products are important part of your online business. And with the help of these nifty ideas, you can now save money on your setups. You can actually see how simple and obtainable it is.

Say goodbye to fancy setups and use items that won't put burn a hole in your pocket. Create product photos on a budget yet worthy of your online business. So, happy shooting!

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