Camera Drive Modes Can Be Used In Photography

Camera Drive Modes Can Be Used In Photography

Each of us has our own preferences when it comes to the camera settings we use for everyday shooting. This time, learning how to use the different options for drive modes.

Drive modes in camera are somewhat similar to cars different gears. On most cameras, when you press the shutter button, you get one picture. But drive modes control how often an image is taken.


Single shooting mode is the best mode for the majority of shooting situations. It will work for capturing everything from portraits indoors to landscapes.  This is usually indicated by a single rectangle.


Continuous drive mode or also known as burst, this mode will let you capture image continuously as long as you keep pressing the shutter button. 
This is great when you are shooting fast-moving subjects like a sports event or active kids, and you want to have a sequence of photos in quick succession.
It looks like a series of stacked rectangles.


Self timer mode is commonly used when you want to be a part of a group picture. This mode adds a time delay from moment you press the shutter button.  It can also be used to stop or avoid camera shake. 


This mode often use as a technique to create unusual images and not all cameras have this feature. Multiple Exposure is the process of taking more than one image but on the same time.

So, that's it for the brief thoughts of drive modes. It may be an easy topic for most experienced photographers but it is also a setting that many beginners ignore. The bottom line here is stick to single shot drive mode for most cases, and make use of continuous if needed. Just try and look which is better. Happy Shooting!

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