5 Ways to Instantly Improve The Sharpness

5 Ways to Instantly Improve The Sharpness

Photography in today's generation is all about capturing moments and telling a visual story in a creative way. Did you know that there is one thing that can dazzle the eye of the viewer?  Sharpness is the key for professional photography therefore a sharp image will let you feel you've never really looked at things that way. So, wondering how to get sharper images? Here are a few ways to help you.


One of the first thing to remember for sharp images is the shutter speed that you selected.

A faster shutter speed is less vulnerable to movement therefore increase it as far as you can. But in photography, you have to stick to the rule of thumb that says to use a shutter speed at least "1/focal length" of the lens.


You can achieve the sharpest photo at one particular aperture. Keep in mind that the smaller your aperture, the longer your shutter speed will need to be. Therefore, you have to set 2 to 3 stops down from the widest aperture and putting it around f/8 on most lenses.


Digital noise makes your image dull and this is not totally fine when you want a sharp images.

If possible, use your camera's lowest ISO setting. This will help you get a sharper details and won't appear fuzzy.


The most obvious technique to work on when aiming for a sharp photo is through focussing. When focussing, most of us use the auto focus mode but often the camera doesnt get it right.

Therefore, proper focussing is very important and that is to switch your camera into single point focus mode. This will typically focus just one point - which is your aiming subject and make it as sharp as possible.


For the ultimate in sharpness, you need to use a tripod. We all know that the purpose of a tripod is to hold your camera as still as possible. In that way, it will not just reduce but also eliminate camera shake. 

As we understand the importance of capturing a sharp and crisp images the more we want to achieve it. And, achieving it is not impossible.
Try all of your camera settings and focusing features to find out what you really prefer and what works best for you. This will also help you get a sharp images. Just enjoy the process. This takes practice and patience but it will all be worth it once you get it right. Happy Shooting!

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