5 Things You Need To Preserve The Life of Your Camera Lens

5 Things You Need To Preserve The Life of Your Camera Lens

Lens is the most important part of your camera and also more expensive than any other piece. As a photographer or an owner of a camera, camera cleaning is something you must know about since dust is everywhere and it's inevitable. 

Let's run through the things needed, various steps and the right way to preserve the life of your camera lens.

  • Lens Blower

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If you have dust on your lens, don't grab for your shirttails! Instead, a quick puff of the blower will be the best way to get it clean.

Hold the blower as close as you can to the lens and blow a few puffs without touching the lens. Be careful when using the blower inside of your camera cause you might end up blowing dust into it. Just ensure that the size of the lens blower is big enough as they are very effective in cleaning your camera lens.

  • Lens Brush

Another great tool to get the dust off your lens is a brush. When using lens brush, make sure you don't touch the brush with your fingers to prevent oils from transferring from your lens. Plus, get one with fine and soft bristles (like camel hair) to avoid scratching your lens. 

Similarly, Lens Squeaky Cleaner can be your choice for this section. It has a retractable brush on one end and a special cleaning pad on the other end that is designed to clean oil from fingertips and other sources. We've personally tried a couple of cleaners throughout the years and our favorite is the lens squeaky cleaner. Check it out here


  • Cleaning Fluid

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There are alcohol based lens cleaning fluid that is well worth having. Cleaning fluid will help you to lift off smudges and fingerprints. 

But, hey! Never spray or drop the solution directly on the lens glass. Always apply the fluid to a cloth or tissue. 

  • Cleaning Tissue

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Lens cleaning tissue are very thin paper that are safe and inexpensive option for cleaning. It will let you wipe your lenses without scratching them. 

Remember, facial tissues is way different from lens cleaning tissues. So, don't use them because these are too rough and it might damage your lens.

  • Cleaning Cloth

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Microfiber cleaning cloth are washable cloths that can be used as an alternative to cleaning tissues. These cleaning cloths can grab a hold of dust and oils on your lens. 

Make sure no larger gritty dust on your lens before wiping it with cleaning cloths. 

Let's face the fact that our lenses and gears get dirty. So clean and prolong the life of your lens. You just need to be a little careful, buy quality products because these are the gears that will help you to protect your camera lens. If you can't handle the dust issue, better to turn it to a local professional cleaning service. 

Happy Cleaning! 

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