5 Common Types of Camera Lenses

5 Common Types of Camera Lenses

In photography, oftentimes lens has a big contribution behind the great photos. From all the fancy features in a camera are pointless if there's no lens. 

Lens are the "eye" of the camera and they do a nice job of helping you create the look you want for your photos. So, if you're new to photography, you might ever get confused with the vast array of lenses. But don't worry, let's make it simple! This will help you decide which lens suits your needs.


Standard lens is also known as the normal lens. These are the ones that has a mid-range focal length of about 40mm to 60mm.

Standard lens are consider normal lenses because they produce images which accurately appear natural. These are great for portraits, candid shots, landscapes, street photography, and even documentary photography.


Macro lens is designed for close-up photography. It can produce life-size or even larger-than-life size scale image of small subjects. These are kind of lenses that has an intense level of magnification that will show the fine details that we can see with our own eyes.



Telephoto lens are lenses with a focal length of about 70mm and longer.
It is a type of lens that provides you a high level of magnification where you can use it if you can't get near to the subject such as wildlife, astrophotography, and sports events.


Wide angle lenses are lenses with focal lengths between 17mm and 40mm.
These lenses are pretty self explanatory which allows you to gain a broader view of the scene. It has a short focal length and have a much larger depth of field.


Fisheye lenses are basically ultra wide angle. Yet it is use for certain purposes. As the name implies, it gives you the effect like the actual fish eyes view - a panoramic view of your subject from 100-180 degrees. Fisheye lenses are great for getting creative photography for action sports, landscapes, and other unusual perspective.

There is a lens for every purpose, it’s just a matter of putting it to good use. As always, remember that a lens is just another tool on the camera; it’s up to you to make it work. Bottom line, all of these lenses have very redeeming qualities & specific purposes. Just enjoy the process of choosing the perfect fit for you and your artistic personality! Happy Shooting!

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