4 Essential Gears Every Photographer Needs

4 Essential Gears Every Photographer Needs

In photography, camera itself is already a part of the equation but sometimes having camera accessories/gears does make a difference. 

We've got various camera gears that we use day to day but it is also important to get the right gear for you, your budget, and your skill level so you won't have to waste money.

Listed below the basic essential photography gears that you might need along your photographic journey.

1. Memory Card / SD Card

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A decent set of memory cards is a necessity in photography and in photographer's life. But you have to make sure you get the right card for your camera. look at the speed of the card as this will effect how many photos it can take in burst mode at once and how quickly they’ll load onto your computer.

2. Batteries

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Most camera batteries last for hundred shots, so if you think you’ll be taking a lot of photos and might be away from power for a few days, a second battery could ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

3. Filters

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Lens are not cheap but filters are way cheaper and practical. Having lens filters can help you protect the surface of your lens against dust and help avoid lens damage but little do majority know that the primary function of lens filter is really to improve the image quality of the pictures you take.

4. Tripod

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A tripod can really expand your creative possibilities, letting you take longer exposures and play with time. Even a small travel tripod can reap dividends for your photography. 

There is a belief that better photography gear will give you better photographs. Some might agree but in reality, it is the skill that makes all the difference. There are gears that are important to your shoot. So, if you don't think you will use it, don't buy one. It is way more important to invest your time into learning. So, figure out your personal style and pick the gear that is right for you and your personal learning goals. Just start with what you need!

Happy Shooting!

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